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Stakeholder Dialogue:

Stakeholder Dialogue in US

DATE March 22, 2007
VENUE Toshiba America Inc. New York, USA
THEME Environment activities in TOSHIBA America Group

photo of Stakeholder Dialogue in US

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Expectations for Disclosure of User-Friendly Environmental Information

Dialogue with NGOs and SRI fund representatives.

Toshiba invited representatives of environmental NGOs and socially responsible investment (SRI) organizations and held its first stakeholder dialogue in the United States. We obtained sound opinions concerning the future environmental activities of Toshiba America Group.

Policy Position and Effective Communication

"Environmental trends such as climate change, e-waste and water pose a great concern. It's important for Toshiba to communicate clearly its own position on these issues". Regarding "Factor-T", we received the following comment. "Although the stakeholders were impressed with Toshiba's efforts to quantify intangible values, Factor-T can be a challenging concept to grasp. A simplified explanation is needed."

Develop a Comprehensive Supply Chain Strategy

"Companies are increasingly held accountable for supply chain procedures, from sourcing to end-of-life. Toshiba needs to develop a comprehensive supply chain strategy and to communicate this to stakeholders"

Understand Customer Trends

A number of participants highlighted changing customer attitudes and greater concern about social and environmental issues (including business customers, public sector customers and individual consumers) that will have implications for Toshiba's future product development and marketing.


photo of Ms.Alexis B. Krajeski,F&C Investment (SRI)

Ms.Alexis B. Krajeski
F&C Investment (SRI)

photo of Ms.Erica Lasdon,Calvert Asset Management (SRI)

Ms.Erica Lasdon
Calvert Asset Management (SRI)

photo of Mr. Matthew C. Bnks,WWF

Mr. Matthew C. Bnks

photo of Ms. Yerina Mugica,NRDC

Ms. Yerina Mugica

photo of Ms. Kate Krebs,NRC

Ms. Kate Krebs


photo of Mr. Dunstan Hope, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

Mr. Dunstan Hope, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

Toru Uchiike (Corporate Representative Chairman & CEO, Toshiba America Inc.)

photo of Toru Uchiike(Corporate Representative Chairman and CEO, Toshiba America Inc.)

We recognize that proactive engagement with our stakeholders about key environmental issues further strengthens our responsible business practice. The outcome of the dialogue highlighted environmental issues related to our business that demand our attention. We are committed to examine each case carefully and to take appropriate measures to meet our stakeholder's expectations.

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