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Stakeholder Dialogue:

Stakeholder Dialogue in US (Jan. 2011)

Holding U.S. stakeholder dialogues regularly

In order to reflect stakeholder opinions and feedback in our environmental management, Toshiba Group holds regular stakeholder dialogues.

In the United States, we invite members of environmental NGOs and SRI research organizations to hold stakeholder dialogues with us once every two years. Our third U.S. stakeholder dialogue was hosted at the San Francisco offices of BSR in January 2011, with BSR also serving as dialogue coordinator and neutral facilitator. We received valuable insights on how Toshiba Group's environmental initiatives are perceived by external stakeholders in the United States and on our disclosure of information via environmental reporting. Through these stakeholder dialogue sessions, we will continue to reflect stakeholder feedback in our activities.

Date January 13, 2011
Venue BSR Offices, San Francisco, U.S.
Theme CSR, particularly environmental initiatives of Toshiba Group in the U.S.

Photo of Stakeholder Dialogue in US

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Key opinions expressed at the stakeholder dialogue session are as follows:

More clarity in environmental reporting and related communications

Instead of exhaustive reporting, there is a need to determine the order of priority among stakeholders and strategically promote communication. Toshiba Group needs to more clearly highlight its own distinctiveness (including its competencies), such as how it wants to be perceived by the public, what is important for the company and what contributions it can make. In order to facilitate stakeholder understanding, Toshiba needs to provide more information, including data on the environmental impact or benefits of its activities, to clearly communicate the approach and the processes used in calculation of such data, and explain the meaning of the data.

Participation and engagement in industry-wide collaborations

With regards to tackling issues that are challenging for individual companies, such as CSR issues in the supply chain, it will be beneficial for Toshiba to actively participate in industry-wide initiatives and consortiums and explore solutions through dialogue and collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders.

New challenges (biodiversity, conflict minerals, water issues, and others)

Biodiversity issues and water issues have varying relevance in different regions. In order for Toshiba to make unique contributions and appropriately disclose information on its initiatives, it is necessary to analyze priority issues in individual areas and categorize them in order of importance. Working with local communities and governments for such purposes provides opportunities to have constructive dialogue with NGOs. In terms of conflict minerals and other supply chain responsibilities, it is important for Toshiba to develop a point-of-view on the subject, establish its boundary of responsibility, lay out goals and a “game-plan” for industry collaboration, and map out all the raw materials that go into its most important priority products.

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What is expected of Toshiba

In order for Toshiba to increase its presence in the United States as a company with best-in-class CSR and environmental practices, it will be necessary for the company to formulate not only global sustainability strategies for the Company as a whole, but also more area specific strategies, including enhancing measures to address local sustainability issues and presenting Toshiba's visions for the future in an easy-to-understand way. In order to deal with issues that are challenging for Toshiba to solve on its own, it is recommended that Toshiba takes an active part in industry-wide initiatives and consortiums.


  • Mr. Steven Kline, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, PG&E Corporation (utility company)
  • Ms. Beth Trask, Deputy Director, Environmental Defense Fund (environmental NGO)
  • Mr. Peter Schulte, Research Associate, The Pacific Institute (environmental NGO)
  • Ms. Patricia Jurewicz, Director, Responsible Sourcing Network, a project of As You Sow (SRI investment organization)
  • Dr. Sissel Waage, Principal, SW Consulting (environmental consultant)


  • Mr. Marshall Chase (Manager, Advisory Services, BSR)
  • Mr. Jesse Nishinaga (Manager, Advisory Services, BSR)

Toshiba representatives:

  • Corporate Representative, Toshiba America, Inc.
  • Environmental and CSR team, Toshiba America, Inc.
  • Environmental and CSR team, Toshiba Corporation