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Stakeholder Dialogue:

Stakeholder Dialogue with environmental NGOs

On 5th March, 2004, Toshiba invited representatives of NPOs and NGOs involved in environmental issues to view the Toshiba Group Environmental Technology Exhibition and sought their opinions of Toshiba's environmental initiatives. This resulted in an animated exchange of opinions, primarily about topics related to products and sustainability.

Date and time March 5,2004
Place Toshiba Headquarters
Theme Opinions and Impressions Concerning Toshiba's Overall Environmental Activities

photo of representatives of NPOs and NGOs at Toshiba Group Environmental Technology Exhibition

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Face-to-Face Environmental Communications

"Although you clearly understand that Toshiba is mindful of the environment, it's a product - centered exhibition and you don't see the people. I think Toshiba's environmental activities would be more persuasive if you could see the lifestyles of people working in the plants." Mr. Shikita "The fuel cell and wind power exhibit and the environment classes were very interesting. How about considering social volunteerism in corporate education and training programs, and incorporating education on preparing for a new life after retirement?" Mr. Mori Although I think you do an excellent job in your activities as a manufacturer, that's only natural. CSR is something over and above that people require of a company like Toshiba. I want to know about Toshiba's role in society and its style as a company that creates public infrastructure." Ms. Hoshino expressed interest in Toshiba's involvement with sustainability in its role as a company providing public infrastructure. In response, Mr. Hachiya of Toshiba's Environmental Protection Planning Division commented on the ideal posture of an environmentally sustainable company: "The balance between supply and demand has completely broken down on Earth. Awareness of this gave rise to the slogan "Committed to People, Committed to the Future. Toshiba."

Toward a Stronger Partnership

photo of Stakeholders' Meeting
Stakeholders' Meeting

"Even if you make environmentally conscious products, people don't know about it unless they buy and use them. The key is how to publicize the point to women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who lead the way in home appliance consumption. There's a need for language that more effectively drives the point home to consumers." This comment from Ms. Rumi Sato, who administers an environmental NPO, succinctly expresses the point of view of homemakers regarding product selection. Ms. Kiyomi Wada believes that a feeling of happiness and women's sensibilities are also important: "It's good when products offer pleasure, joy, and a feeling of happiness in addition to ecology. I'm sure that is something that results from the feelings of the company's employees." Ms. Sato comments, "This is an age when people seek two types of satisfaction: their own happiness and environmental benefits. Consumers are certain to support companies that provide that satisfaction." There was general assent among the participants to Mr. Hachiya's proposal, "On the basis of the opinions we have received here, we would like to form partnerships with people in various environmental sectors and work to realize a sustainable society."

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Ms.Rumi Sato, Executive Director, Specified Nonprofit Organization "birth"

photo of Ms. Rumi Sato

I think that it would be good to create a virtuous cycle of increased use of environmentally conscious products that leads to a more convenient and bountiful society.

Mr.Kiyoshi Shikita, Director General, Specified Nonprofit Organization "Be Good Cafe"

photo of Mr. Kiyoshi Shikita

For instance, in the coming years we will need thinking along the lines of borrowing a refrigerator for ten years from Toshiba and returning it after use.

Ms.Tomoko Hoshino, Director of Communications, International Environmental NGOs "A SEED JAPAN"

photo of Ms.Tomoko Hoshino

I would like Toshiba to engage in more dialog with stakeholders active in specialized fields such as global warming prevention and environmental hormones. You are certain to receive proposals that can be implemented.

Mr.Ryo Mori, Representative, Eco-Communication Center

photo of Mr.Ryo Mori

I want a venue where citizens can become directly involved in community building and product creation. Unless people can actually see things take place, they can't change society and won't feel motivated to participate.

Ms. Kiyomi Wada, Director General, Earthday Everyday

photo of Ms. Kiyomi Wada

If you create an atmosphere conducive to friendly, fruitful communication among everyone in the company, I think ideas for products that are not only environmentally sound but also make people happy will bubble to the surface.

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