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Main Contents of ESG Performance

Toshiba Group tackles issues related to the environment, social aspects of corporate activities (human rights, personnel training, promotion of diversity, occupational health and safety, CSR Management in the Supply Chain, quality control, customer satisfaction, social contribution activities, etc.) and governance (corporate governance, risk compliance, etc.), setting medium- to long-term vision and implementing initiatives to improve performance.

  Items Main contents
Environment Environmental Vision and Plan Environmental policy, Environmental Future Vision 2050, The Sixth Environmental Action Plan, overview of environmental impacts, in response to climate change
Reducing environmental impacts in manufacturing Reducing total GHG emissions, reducing waste volumes, reducing the amount of water received, reducing emissions of chemical substances
Improving environmental performance of products and services Reductions in CO2 emissions by eco-products, increasing the amount of resources saved, increasing the use of recycled plastics, management of chemicals contained in products
Strengthening the foundation of environmental management Environmental management structure, ensuring environmental risk compliance, environmental communication, conservation of biodiversity
Social Respect for Human Rights Policy on human rights, identifying human rights risks, monitoring and education
Employment and Labor Relations Relationship with labor unions, labor-management dialogue, and employees data
Fair Evaluation and Talent Development Fair evaluations, talent development, and employee morale surveys
Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion Diversity management, strategies (for women, non-Japanese nationals, disabled persons, elderly people, and LGBT+ employees), work-style reforms and work-life balance
Occupational Health and Safety Occupational health and safety management policy, occupational health and safety management systems, occurrence occupational accidents, health management, and supply chain safety management
CSR Management in the Supply Chain Procurement policy, CSR promotion support to suppliers, responsible minerals sourcing, greenness of suppliers and procurement
Quality Control for Safety and Reliability Quality control policy, quality promotion structure, ensuring product quality, and disclosure of information on quality
Product Safety and Product Security Policy, response to product safety accidents, prevention of accident reoccurrence, and disclosure of product safety/quality information
Improvement of Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction policy, enhancing customer support, sharing and utilizing customer feedback, protecting customer information, and providing customers with business continuity support
Universal Design Policy related to universal design, promotion of universal design
Coexistence with Local Communities Check and evaluation of local impacts of establishing new operational sites, contributions to local communities around business sites
Social Contribution Activities Basic policy on social contribution activities, expenditures for corporate citizenship activities, and various social contribution activities
Governance Corporate Governance Governance policy, governance structure, Directors status, and compensation
Risk Management and Compliance Whistleblower system, compliance with the antimonopoly act and anti-corruption, fair trading, export control, information security management, product safety information and advertising, BCP, and tax affairs
Research & Development and Intellectual Property R&D structure, R&D expenses, collaborations with external parties, intellectual property strategy, patents portfolio, and anti-counterfeit measures

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