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Fair Evaluation and Talent Development

Toshiba Group states "We turn on the promise of a new day" in "The Essence of Toshiba." To achieve this, our richly diverse human resources with a passion for change work together with sincerity to generate new value based on a vision of the future of the company. Furthermore, we have created an open corporate culture and established fair evaluation systems while seeking to develop and deploy talents to the greatest extent.

Medium- to Long-term Vision

To create an open corporate culture and to enable a diverse workforce who share "The Essence of Toshiba" and our values to excel and grow.

FY2018 Achievement

To create a better corporate culture, we conducted the 360-degree survey, which is designed to raise the awareness of organizational leaders, to 666 general managers.

Future Challenges and Approaches

In order for Toshiba Group to "turn on the promise of a new day," we will clarify the roles required of our employees within the organization and channel our entrepreneurial spirit to help drive continuous innovation aimed at creating a new future. We will shift to a framework that assesses and treats employees fairly based on their achievements. In addition, Toshiba Group will continue to support each and every employee in developing his/her skills and career through our diverse systems for talent development.

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Policy on Fair Evaluation and Talent Development

To initiate a new future for Toshiba Group, the new Human Resource System will provide total support for people with a sincere passion for transformation who envision the company’s future and cooperate with one another to create new things.

Toshiba Group Human Resources Policy

People who take on new challenges will be highly evaluated and rewarded for their actions and performance.
Talent (management, assignment, and training)
People who lead growth and innovation and take on new challenges will be assigned and trained.
A highly creative and productive organization will be created where each person can play an active role.

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Training System for Talent Development

Cultivating Global-Minded Talents

Global Marketing Leaders Program
Global Marketing Leaders Program

Toshiba Group emphasizes the importance of training to develop well-rounded global-minded talents who have deep cross-cultural understanding and the ability to perform their jobs through direct communication with stakeholders around the world in order to ensure that diverse human resources can play an active role and grow. We provide "Liberal Arts Training*1" to develop well-rounded individuals who can embrace diversity and have the ability to think thoroughly.
In addition, we aim to develop global-minded personnel through international joint trainings such as the Overseas Management Course, which helps to promote understanding of Toshiba Group's philosophy and nurture bridge-builders*2 both inside and outside Japan.
Such region-specific education has a long history, with Europe and Asia boasting the longest with programs commencing more than 20 years ago. To enhance our education programs, the Toshiba China Academy and Toshiba University in the United States provide training courses in China and the Americas, respectively.

  • *1 Liberal Arts: Develop intellectual capabilities and techniques to deepen understanding in various subjects
  • *2 A bridge-builder: Our term for talented personnel who can foster smooth communication between our Japanese companies and overseas subsidiaries

Training Programs

Toshiba Group has various training systems to help form a common ground of understanding among employees and programs based on requirements at each career level.

Main Training Programs (For Toshiba Group's regular employees)
Training Category Outline
Basic Training and Development A program that is designed to teach employees about the actions and values that form the shared basis for all members of the Toshiba Group, such as compliance* education, Toshiba Value Education and Liberal Arts Training.
* For non-regular employees as well
Global Training and Development A program that seeks to develop global-minded people who can not only perform the jobs within the scope of their countries or regions, but at a global level, by accepting cross-cultural differences and communicating with a wide range of stakeholders. The program also aims to teach the skills that allow people to succeed globally.
Training and Development based on Levels of Responsibility A program that seeks to improve basic knowledge, skills, and management capabilities required for employees assigned to a new position (leader, manager, etc.). This program also includes training to continuously improve the management capabilities required of managers, as well as education aimed at acquiring at an early stage knowledge and skills required for global business.
Job-type based Training and Development Aims to equip employees, based on their career stages, with knowledge and skills required for different job functions.
Training and Development for Management Talents Training program for the select group of individuals who are candidates to take up managerial/leadership positions in Toshiba Group. The training is held for senior management as well.

Talent Development Program Roadmap (Toshiba Group in Japan)

Talent Development Program Roadmap (Toshiba Group in Japan)

Talent Development Program Roadmap (Toshiba Group Overseas)

Talent Development Program Roadmap (Toshiba Group Overseas)
Participation in education/training for FY2018 (Toshiba Group)
Number of employees who participated in company-wide standardized educational program/training for the year 65,612
Total cost of company-wide standardized educational program/training ¥3,162 million

Using Full-fledged Career Development Systems

Toshiba supports the career development of each employee in an effort to maximize his/her current and future job performance.
The Career Design System, for example, provides each employee with an annual opportunity to discuss and share their views on long-term career development plans as well as on mid-term goals for skill acquisition, improvement, and the way to utilize such skills with their superiors. Performance Management System gives each employee a semi-annual opportunity to review and discuss with their superiors their job performance over the past six months as well as their job objectives for the next six months. In FY2018, we confirmed that 74% of all employees received regular reviews.

Implementation of reviews aimed at career development in FY2018 (Toshiba)
Reviews implemented for 74% of all employees
By attribute Male 75%, Female 74%
Executive officers 71%, General employees 78%

We introduced the 360-degree survey in FY2015 to investigate managers from various perspectives with regard to their day-to-day work performance and activities, with such perspectives including those of managers themselves, as well as of their subordinates, peers, and supervisors. The survey is implemented every other year, and targeted 666 general managers in FY2018. The major aims of this survey are to encourage growth by objectively and repeatedly identifying their strengths and weaknesses and confirming progress on change and enhancing leadership in order to create healthier organizations. Managers must accept survey results in a sincere manner and use the results to improve themselves and workplace communication, thereby creating a better corporate culture. Toshiba also provided follow-up training programs to promote ongoing self-improvement for general manager-class employees.

We also have career development systems that encourage employees to plan their careers autonomously. For example, our Internal Job Posting System allows each employee to apply for personnel transfer in order to fill a vacant post announced by a division, and the Internal FA System enables each employee to apply for personnel transfer to a division of their choice.

Job Transfers Involving Use of Open Recruitment in Toshiba Group and the In-house Free Agent System (Toshiba Corp.)
System Eligibility FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Open recruitment in Toshiba Group Full-time employees of the eligible Toshiba Group companies who have been employed by the company for three years or more 139 66 37 32 24
In-house free agent Full-time employees who have been employed by the company for three years or more 21 22 16 22 18

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Employee Morale Survey

Since FY2003, Toshiba Group has conducted the TEAM Survey every year for the purpose of soliciting the opinions of employees. Through the survey, we periodically monitor the level of employee awareness of various measures and how far they have propagated into the organization. Where issues are identified, we seek to resolve them, applying the results to improve the corporate culture.

In FY2018, we conducted an anonymous survey targeting about 60,000 employees in 68 Toshiba Group companies in Japan and overseas, and received responses from approximately 94% of the employees. This survey assesses employees' understanding of the company policies, and whether their working conditions allow them to exercise their abilities. In addition, since FY2015, we have also asked questions about opinions regarding the president and top management as well as about legal compliance.
Although the score was lower for such statements as "Desire to contribute" and "Sense of accomplishment" compared with FY2017, it improved for "Corporate culture enabling open discussion" and "Understanding of diversity."

Based on these survey results, in order for management and employees to come together and improve, our top management is taking the lead in declaring a commitment to build a workplace environment where everyone can voice their opinions frankly. By transmitting messages from top management and disclosing information more actively, we are endeavoring to build an open corporate culture.

In addition, we are working to create an environment that prioritizes change and preparing and implementing an action plan for each workplace so that leadership, mechanism and workplace each serve as drivers to enhance organizational capabilities.

We aim to have all employees take ownership of change and work to improve organizational culture.

We aim to have all employees take ownership of change and work to improve organizational culture.

TEAM survey execution cycle (annual)

TEAM survey execution cycle (annual)

Establishment of Consulting Service

We established the "Toshiba Hotline" for receiving reports on action that may be a breach of laws, regulations, social norms, corporate ethics, Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group, or internal regulations. Employees can anonymously consult full-time counselors on concerns they may have on such matters as workplace culture and interpersonal relations, personnel conditions, or harassment, etc. by phone or e-mail.

Consulting Services the "Toshiba Hotline"

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