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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Message from the Executive in Charge of CSR

Toshiba Group contributes to realization of a sustainable society through CSR management. Masayasu Toyohara Representative Executive Officer Corporate Senior Executive Vice President

On July 2018, Toshiba Group adopted The Essence of Toshiba, a restatement of our unwavering credo and direction, and the basis for all of our corporate activities. An integral part of the Essence of Toshiba is Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, and its main message is a statement of our unchanging conviction: "Committed to People, Committed to the Future." Guided by our Commitment to People, we aim to be a corporate group that raises quality of life and ensures progress that is in harmony with the planet. Grounded in this Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group and the Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group, we believe that the steady practice of CSR is the way to build a sustainable society, and the core of CSR management.

In recent years, we have seen climate change and other environmental problems becoming ever more serious, as have energy shortages, resource depletion, declining birthrates, aging populations and labor shortages—to the point where many people believe that continuing with the same economic activities we have promoted until now will impact on the safe and secure lives of future generations, and even put the survival of humankind in jeopardy. With increasing momentum around the world for realizing a sustainable future, the United Nations adopted the SDGs in 2015. Since its founding, Toshiba Group has cultivated strengths in technical development and provided many technologies and services that meet the needs of society, and we are strongly aware that activities to realize the SDGs are consistent with the Essence of Toshiba.
The Toshiba Next Plan, the Group-wide transformation plan announced in November 2018, also stated our intent to use technologies that only Toshiba Group can deliver to contribute to solutions to diversifying social issues. The venture spirit that we have honed in the course of our 143-year history ensures that we continue to create rich value and contribute to the creation of the bright future aimed for by the SDGs, whilst also responding to the demands of society.

Toshiba Group recognizes strengthening its corporate structure as an important step in developing business activities that take us toward this ideal of a future society, and we continually work to advance respect for human rights, promotion of supply chain CSR, and environmental management as CSR’s material issues. Further to this, in respect of environmental initiatives, in May 2019 we announced our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and we strive to analyze and disclose information on the risks and opportunities that climate change brings to our business. We will also respond proactively to issues related to ESG in such areas as thoroughgoing corporate governance and compliance, work style reform, and promotion of health and safety management. As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Toshiba Group supports its ten principles on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-corruption; we will realize sustainable growth as a global company by continuing to practice Group-wide CSR management and by earning the trust of all stakeholders.

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