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Vol. 74, No. 6, November 2019




Special Reports 1
Technologies Related to Hard Disk Drives and Semiconductor Devices for Cyber-Physical Systems
  * Hard Disk Drives and Semiconductor Devices as Keys for Realization of Cyber-Physical Systems
  * Toshiba Group’s Approach to Storage and Semiconductor Technologies for Cyber-Physical Systems
  * Nearline TDMR HDDs with Industry’s Largest Capacity of 16 Tbytes
  * Large-Capacity HDDs Applying SMR Technology for Data Centers
  * Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording Technology for HDDs Achieving Higher Recording Density
  * Brushless DC Motor Control Technology to Realize Efficient Driving of Cooling Fans
  * Secure MCU Platform Techniques to Ensure Security of Cyber-Physical Systems

Special Reports 2
Toward Edge-Rich Measurement and Control Systems
  * Measurement and Control Systems Supporting Smart Manufacturing
  * Trends in Measurement and Control Systems Handling IoT Technologies and Toshiba’s Approach
  * FA3100T Model 800 Industrial Computer Supporting Edge Computing
  * Next-Generation Control System Appropriate for CPS Platforms
  * Measurement and Inspection Technologies to Ensure Stable Operation and Improve Production Efficiency of Steel Rolling Lines
  * Sophistication of O&M of Factories and Infrastructure Facilities through Digital Transformation
  * Electronic Plant Operation Log System Enhancing Efficiency of Plant Operations
  * TMASCA Web-Based HMI System for Plant Monitoring and Control with High-Speed Response and Improved Operability and Expandability

Feature Articles
  * Investigation by Making Contact with Deposits Believed to Be Nuclear Fuel Debris at Bottom of PCV of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 2
  * Approaches to Meteorological Disaster Mitigation Using 3D Observation Data of Multi-Parameter Phased Array Weather Radar
  * Wireless Repeater System Using BLE and 920 MHz-Band Multihop Wireless Communication for Grasping Heat Stress Levels of Outdoor Workers

Frontiers of Research & Development

Structural Estimation and Hazard Evaluation of Explosive Silane Compounds Generated in Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes


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