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Vol. 75, No. 3, May 2020




Special Reports
Toshiba Group’s Efforts Aimed at Realization of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) in Energy Business Domain
  * Committed to New Value Creation Utilizing CPS Technologies in Energy Businesses
  * Construction of CPS Service Development Platform for Energy Systems and Promotion of Their Digital Transformation
  * Deployment of IoT Services to Power Plant Operations Based on IoT Platform for Energy Systems
  * O&M Service to Improve Thermal and Operational Efficiency of Power Generation Plants and Its Business Development
  * Digital Services for Electricity Transmission and Distribution Utilities to Reform Overall Business Processes
  * Optimal Operation Support System for Private Power Generation Facilities
  * Smart O&M Services for Realization of Sustainable Energy Systems
  * Plant Operation Support Services for Nuclear Facilities
  * Cloud-Based Digital Service for Monitoring and Control of Hydrogen Power Generation Systems

Feature Articles
  * High-Accuracy Distance Measurement Method Using Image Captured by Monocular Camera Based on Aberration Maps
  * Compact Multiband High-Temperature Superconducting Receiver for Radio Telescopes Capable of Reducing Radio-Frequency Interference
  * Sm-Fe-Ti System Compounds with Addition of Y as Promising Candidates for High-Performance Permanent Magnet Materials
  * Self-Starter Gateway for BMUs (SSGB) Facilitating Introduction of SCiB™ Battery System into Industrial Equipment
  * Development of Mobile Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for Marine Vessels to Eliminate Need for Fossil Fuels
  * Static Var Compensator Contributing to Introduction of Renewable Energy Power Generation Systems

Frontiers of Research & Development

Face Recognition System for Highly Efficient Subject Confirmation in TV Program Production Phase


Direct Bonding of Resin Materials with Poor Adhesibility by Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Treatment


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