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Corporate Senior Vice President General Executive, Technology & Productivity Planning Div., Research & Development Div., Dr. Shiro Saito

Toshiba Group aim to become a world leading cyber physical systems (CPS) technology company by integrating experience and capabilities cultivated in the physical field of manufacturing industry with its strengths of cyber technology.

CPS collects data from the real, physical world through sensing, and then use the digital technologies of the cyber world to recognize and understand, analyze and predict, and to deliver repeated feedback flows (system) to the real world. The cyber component that carries out the recognition, understanding, analysis and prediction works in a way that is analogous to the human brain, without necessarily relying on cloud computing.

Toshiba Group has accumulated experience in a very wide range of business domains, including energy, public transportation infrastructure and semiconductors, and owns knowledge and knowhow build through relationships with customers in many businesses. For example, the SCiB™ rechargeable battery, one of our focus businesses, has the characteristics of rapid charging, safety and a long life, and its applications include vehicles and industrial equipment. We aim to achieve higher capacity and higher output with separator-free technology and next-generation anode material.

Toshiba introduced the first automated post code reader and sorting system in 1967. Today, with over 50 years of experience in developing AI, and accomplishments recognized by numerous awards from academic societies and contests, we continue to enhance our capabilities toward realizing self-learning AI, where humans no longer have to provide advanced teaching.

Moreover, in precision medicine, Toshiba owns core technologies through all phases from prevention and examination to diagnosis and treatment. For example, we are refining original biotechnology that supports very early detection of cancers, and the heavy-ion therapy system developed by our nuclear power business realizes high-precision irradiation of tumors.

We promote open innovation that involves leading universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas, from the very earliest stages on, in R&D to create cutting-edge technologies. In new business creation, we have established a mechanism for quickly identifying and cultivating seeds nourished through research work, and bringing them to market to get feedback that supports further refinement and improvement. The mechanism also has a corporate capital venture function to support new business creation.

Guided by the basic commitment of Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future,” and by realizing CPS underpinned by our technologies, we turn on the promise of a new day.

Corporate Executive Vice President General Executive, Technology & Productivity Planning Div., Research & Development Div., Dr. Shiro Saito

FY2019 Technology Strategy Briefing presentation document
(November 28, 2019)


Toshiba R&D organizations are composed of Toshiba corporate’s R&D organizations at headquarters and independent corporations’ R&D organizations and technology and engineering divisions. We pursue research and development efficiently together with technological divisions. Toshiba corporate’s R&D organizations have a mid-to-long term outlook to enhance fundamental technology, research new business areas, and work on innovative and future-looking research and development.
Toshiba Independent corporations’ R&D organizations and technology and engineering divisions support fundamental technologies of our business domains, and develop new products and differentiated technology in line with our business plans. We work on commercialization of products and mass production that satisfy our customers' needs. Toshiba Group brings new products to the market in close collaboration with these divisions.


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