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Electronic Devices Business Domain

Our semiconductor and storage products will always be a driving force to change the world

In the era of big data, you either sink or swim in the sea of information. In fact, state-of-the-art electronics are contributing more than ever, from cutting energy consumption to the control and operation of automobiles. Toshiba Group promotes advances in products that help all of us to live more comfortably and safely.

In the discrete semiconductor business, we focus on the power devices that control equipment power consumption. Our system LSI business offers dedicated ICs for automotive and industrial applications. In the HDD business, we lead the way in large capacity enterprise drives for data centers and servers. We provide the semiconductor industry with cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, including electron beam mask writers. Last not but least, we further contribute to society through our high functional, high value added materials and components, including fine ceramics and thermal print heads.

Focus Areas

Photo of Industrial / Automotive / Data Centers

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation
President & CEO
Hiroshi Fukuchi
NuFlare Technology, Inc.
Chairman of the Board of Directors and President
Shigeki Sugimoto
Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd
President & CEO
Katsuaki Aoki
Toshiba Hokuto Electronics Corporation
Norio Murakawa

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Corporate Profile
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