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Devices to Make Dreams Come True

In the era of big data, you either sink or swim in the sea of information. Businesses must deal with an ever-rising tide that leaves virtually no aspect of our lives untouched. Toshiba is setting the pace in the development of NAND Flash memories and BiCS FLASH™ 3D stacked cell structure flash memories, key storage devices not only in smartphones and tablet PCs but also increasingly for data centers and servers—the infrastructure that sustains our data-driven society.
Ready to satisfy the full spectrum of storage demand, Toshiba is drawing on across-the-board strengths in NAND, HDD and SSD to offer optimum storage systems attuned to customer needs.
Our discrete semiconductor business is also on an upward technological trajectory, centering on the power devices that control the power consumption of equipment. Our system LSI business serves the world's advances in electronic equipment by offering ICs for IoT, automotive, communications, control and power sources.

Photo of NAND Flash Memory
NAND Flash Memory
Photo of Discrete Semiconductors and System LSIsDiscrete Semiconductors and System LSIs

Photo of SSD (solid-state drive)SSD (solid-state drive)
Photo of HDDHDD

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