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Message from Top Management

Under a new management structure, we contribute to realize a sustainable society.

Photo of Chairman and CEO, Nobuaki Kurumatani / President and COO, Satoshi Tsunakawa

In recent months, we have put in place a new management structure for Toshiba Group, and we now have a new leadership team.

As Chairman and CEO, Nobuaki Kurumatani is responsible for delivering management results, and as President and COO Satoshi Tsunakawa oversees business operations and execution. Working together we are determined to regain stakeholder trust and to revitalize Toshiba Group. As we move forward, we will always place the customer first.

Over the last two years or so, in response to the accounting problem and the major losses in the overseas nuclear power projects, we have initiated extensive reforms in our system of corporate governance. These have tightened controls and made management more accountable. Most recently we have spun off our in-house companies as independent business entities, a move that clarifies their responsibilities to the market and their customers.

Even with all these changes, our core values remain intact. As a Group, we remain committed to people and the future. We will continue to give top priority to life, safety and compliance. Through our business and CSR-based management, we will fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to a sustainable future.

We are deeply aware that the environment surrounding us is changing at an ever faster pace, driven by rapid developments in information and communications technology. In coming years, the world must overcome many complex problems, including population growth, environment issues, resource depletion and an ever-growing need for energy. Toshiba can draw on over 140 years of expertise and engagement and contribute solutions.

Our primary focus now is on rebuilding Toshiba Group as a globally competitive organization. To do this we are focused on four business domains: Social Infrastructure at the core, along with Energy, Electronic Devices and Digital Solutions. We have long-standing technical strengths that we will apply to solutions to customers’ problems. And we will sow and cultivate the seeds of next generation businesses. We will create value that meets the needs of the age.

Toshiba Group is united in its effort to regain the trust of its customers, shareholders, the public, and other stakeholders. As we do so, we rely on your support.

Nobuaki Kurumatani
Chairman and CEO

Satoshi Tsunakawa
President and COO

April 2018

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