Advancing sustainability management
for a dynamic, sustainable future

Toshiba Group's Sustainability Management

Toshiba Group has long positioned “Committed to People, Committed to the Future.” as the main text of our Basic Commitment, the expression of our unwavering determination to contribute to society’s development through our business activities. Grounded in this commitment, as a member of a society that faces issues that include energy shortages, resource depletion, and climate change, we aim to help to solve issues by considering the impact of our corporate activities on society over the long-term, rather than simply pursuing short-term profits.

In order to build ethical and transparent management foundations for our sustainable development as a company, Toshiba Group strives to strengthen E (environment), S (social), and G (governance) and implement sustainability management, and to create and provide rich value in collaboration with our various stakeholders, such as our customers, shareholders and investors, procurement partners, employees, and local communities. We conduct all corporate activities fairly and honestly, guided by the “Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group”.

• For details, please refer to TOSHIBA website


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