Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We make a concerted effort throughout our operations to create a safe and healthy workplace environment.

The Toshiba Group OHS Management Policy was established in April 2004 in response to the declaration of commitment to OHS by the top management with a goal of all employees sharing the commitment.
Note) In this section, "Occupational Health and Safety" is abbreviated to "OHS"

We conduct all activities in accordance with the Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group and our corporate philosophy, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future," and accord full respect to the culture and customs of the societies in which we operate. In our business conduct, we place the highest priority on human life, safety and legal compliance, and we make concerted efforts throughout our operations to create safe and healthful workplace environments.

  1. We position OHS as one of the most important issues for management, and strive to prevent occupational injury and disease in the workplace and achieve continual improvement in OHS management.
  2. We comply with legally mandated requirements as well as with other standards that relate to the Toshiba Group's OHS code.
  3. We set objectives and targets and act decisively to achieve the:
    • (1) Eradication of occupational accidents and disease in the workplace, and the mitigation of risks that may cause such accidents and disease;
    • (2) Maintenance and promotion of physical and mental health in order to enable all employees to bring their individual capabilities into full play.
  4. We proactively disclose our commitment to OHS and the results we achieve, in order to contribute to improve the standards of OHS management in the society.

April 1, 2022
Hirohito Taneda
President and CEO
Toshiba Electronic Device Solutions Corporation
Hirohito Taneda


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