Directors and Executives, Management Structure

◆Directors and Executives

President & CEO Hirohito Taneda General management
Director Masayoshi Kabe Corporate planning, Quality, Information Technology, Administration, Safety, Personal, Contract management, Export Control and Affiliated Company* Business cooperation
  • * Zhongzhi Software System Engineering (Shanghai) Co .,Ltd.
  • * Toshiba Nanoanalysis Corporation
  • * NEXTY System Design Corporation
Director Masahiko Suda Accounting, Procurement and Sales management
Director Mitsuru Yoshida Application & Solution Technology management
Director Kouji Shimizu Design Development and Image Sensor Development management
Director Syunichi Anzai Semiconductor Device Engineering and Himeji Support management
Director Shinji Ito
Auditor Shigeki Sugimoto
Auditor Tadashi Yamaguchi
Auditor Shigeru Tsuchiya
April 1, 2023

◆Management Structure

Management Structure

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